Top 10 Boutique Hotels in the World

Top 10 Boutique Hotels in the World


Travelers nowadays expect more than simply comfort and convenience. An increasing number of travelers prefer to be “surprised” — positively, needless to say.

When planning trips, they seek properties that are noticeably different in look and feel from branded hotels. Although many travelers claim to seek lodging facilities that coincide with the traditional hotel concept, boutique hotels are becoming more and more of a social manipulation: those who do not stay in boutique hotels are categorized as unfashionable and un-hip.

Boutique hotels are believed to have been invented in the early 1980s. Two of the first boutique hotels in the world opened their doors to the public in 1981: The Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, London (designed by celebrity stylist Anouska Hempel) and the Bedford in Union Square, San Francisco (the first in a series of 34 boutique hotels currently operated under the flag of one of the most eminent players in the boutique hotel world today, the Kimpton Group). In 1984, Ian Schrager opened his first boutique hotel in Murray Hill in New York City: the Morgans Hotel, designed by French stylist Andrée Putnam.

Most guests stay in boutique hotels because it is fashionable to do so, not because of the facilities the hotels offer. In this regard, boutique hotels are being marketed in a manner that is similar to many other goods, where the experience and the image are sold, rather than the product itself.

But who can say No to the luxury?! We present you “Top 10 Boutique Hotels in the World”.