14 Tattoos YOU NEVER KNEW Celebrities Had

14 Tattoos YOU NEVER KNEW Celebrities Had


Apparently, in the entertainment industry, Hollywood in particular, it is still taboo for some celebrities to have a tattoo for some reason. The notion seems strange; tattoo culture is on the rise, and in 20 years we are all going to look the same, with those without tattoos potentially being in the minority. While a wide demographic of musicians are notoriously covered in tattoos and even plenty of actors and actresses sport their unabashed love for very visible ink as well, there are still some celebrities that you would never expect to have a tattoo, and others who keep their tattoos well hidden at all times.

For some of these celebrities it may merely be an issue of privacy, being in the spotlight, answering questions, having their personal lives dissected – the last thing they may want is to divulge the deeper meaning of a tattoo that may be quite personal to them. For other celebrities, after years of playing a plethora of wholesome characters, or building an image as one of America’s Sweethearts, a tattoo may be seen as a blight on said image, or something that may somewhat hurt their careers. Madness, clearly; it’s just a tattoo, but within the well-oiled PR machine that is Hollywood where celebrities come and go by the day, those with longevity want to maintain a hold on their celebrity and resultant earning potential for as long as possible. With that said, here is a list of ten celebrities who you probably didn’t know have a tattoo, but now that you do, or even if you did prior, it hasn’t changed your impression of them. After all, it is just a tattoo.